In response to oil spills and burst pipelines, this work is an ongoing, evolving, spilling, growing massive visual statement about toxic spills. It is fuzzy and domestic.  Made from oil based materials, these handmade soft sculptures recall the toxic spills of the past century.  This is a call to Knitters, activists, craftivists and makers! Make your own localized slick, make an object that floats, seeps and grows.   This collective action, nonviolent to it’s core, is a protest to the ongoing devastation of the environment and devastating effects of fossil fuels on the climate and landscape.

2015-01-20 17.03.20sm.jpg

Weathering Art

119 Gallery, Lowell, MA 2013

Brickbottom Artist Gallery, Somerville, MA 2014

Spills happen, milk spills, toxic spills, oil spills. The KnitslicK is performative knitting, radical and academic, craftivism inspired by Occupy and XL pipeline activism. 


2013-09-21 13.01.01.jpg

State House 350 Protest

Boston MA 2013.

The Knit-a-slicK is a call to action, an intervention, a soft, cozy handmade response to an issue of globalized and mechanized eco-deterioration.  It is hardware and software.  It is a collective action, and protest.

Take a flyer, Knit-a-slicK!


Locally Made

: Performance

RISD Museum, Providence RI 2014.

pattern :

 cast on 8, k30 r(ows)
[incr(+)2st(itches),  knit across, incr(+)2st(itches), k(nit)20r(ows)] repeat 6x
for a large slick: [+1st, knit across, +1st, k20 r] repeat 4x
+2st, knit across, +2st
 + 2st knit across, + 2st. k5r
[+4st, knit across, +4st , k9r]  3x
+3st, knit across, +3st, k 9r
+4st, knit across, +4st, k6r
+3st, knit across, +3st, k10r
+2st , knit across, +2st, k13r
+2st, knit across, +2st, k7r
+2k, knit across, +2st, k6r
+2k, knit across, +2st, k7r
knit across ~40x
[decr(-)3st, knit across, decr(-)3st, k8r] repeat 3x
 (-)3st, knit across, (-)3st, k6r
[(-)3st, knit across, (-)3st, k7r]  repeat 2x       
(-)3st, knit across, (-)3st, k3r
[(-)3st, knit across, (-)3st, k1r] repeat 2x
(-)4st, knit across, (-)3st, k1r]
to the end
cast off

for crochet, hand knit, knitting machine

Make a Knit-a-slicK (cc)